Friday, May 29, 2009

An Exerpt from a blog

Recently, funnily enough, I have been recently been thinking of renewing my World of Warcraft account. Yes, I know I should not and I think I'll be able to stave of this craving until I finish finals, but I am really thinking of doing it. I've been thinking about how much fun it is to just run around Azeroth. I care about the world. I like to go Dustwallow Marsh or The Hinterlands. I like to explore the world and think about how the world use to be so bustling and important. I like finding the huts that are off the beaten path and looking around. I also like speculating about future expansions. I like to read about The Emerald Dream and think about how they may implement it. I want to get to level 80 and then go back and clear all the Burning Crusade dungeons. I want to get some bored people together and run some AQ. I find myself wishing I was really involved in Vanilla WoW. I played then, but I didn't really play. Back then, getting a group through Van Cleef was a huge deal. Most of the time we didn't have enough people or people had to leave or the group was retarded. Westfall was a beautiful place and was fun to run around in. Gaining a level was a big deal and you felt as though you had fun with the whole thing.

This is how I want to play WoW if I started again. I would play Akoris, sure. But I would do everything meticulously, trying to do all the quests in an area before moving on. I'm not sure I want to raid however. I definitely want to clear all the dungeons and heroic dungeons in Northrend. But I don't know about Raids. I may PUG a raid or two but I would make sure that I knew the fight very very well before going. I just don't want to have a commitment to a guild that I can't always fulfill. I think I'll be holy after I hit 80 though. Healing gets you into lots and lots of groups and I feel like I've a good healer. I hear that you can obtain an obscene amount of money in Northrend so I'll be able to get my epic flying mount. Then, I can go back to Outland and finish all the quests. Then, I can go back to Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor and finish doing those quests. Then I can grind reputation for all the factions I never got to exalted. I feel like I want to play this like I played Grand Theft Auto and that's okay with me. I've just been being really nostalgic and longing for the days that I rode my elekk into Un'Goro Crater while watching Groundhog Day.

I also want to start a guild. I always got a kick out of my <We Hate WoW> fake guild spam and I feel like if I created the guild, people would join. It would be the people who I like too. The only people to join would be the ones with the subtle sense of humor because those would be the only ones who thought it was funny and worth responding to. I would invite anyone and everyone. I wouldn't care about any sort of guild disputes or anything. My motto would be “well fuck it”. I think we could be a pretty good griefing guild and become notorious. I would not mind being known for that. I think running a guild would be fun. Oh, and about the guild bank, I would allow everyone to take everything. I would of course tell everyone about that beforehand. It just seems unfair for someone to expect something they deposit to be there and it's not there. That's rude. But funny. Maybe I shouldn't tell everyone. Maybe I'll make a blogspot for the guild. Just talk about nothing. Should be fun.

Writer Curtis Wright knows that renewing WoW right now would surely be the end of him