Tuesday, December 28, 2010

im on the porowl. prowling bitxhezz

Friday, December 17, 2010

More Antics

Hello Dan! How's WoW going for you? 

We got into a deadmines group and rolled through the dungeon. I remember back in the day when I spent 4 hours in this place. I don't remember what character, but it took so long, for a number of reasons. People kept leaving, and so we had to run back out into Westfall and find someone else. This was before the dungeon queue so you had to find someone on your server who was willing to pick up a half finished dungeon. And if the tank left, you were out of luck. Finding another one was a pain in the ass. The fact that this game has evolved to fix these problems is a true testament to Blizzard. They listened to the players (or maybe figured there out themselves) and changed the game so that it is more fun. It "making it easier" has allowed more people to see more content, and have more fun in the process.

Hello Malfurion. Long time no see. Good to see you got out of the dream ok. Because we were getting worried about you. I wish I had more time to read some of these quests. I'm trying to bum rush through these levels and keep up with Dan. But this is a prime example of a legendary character just being overlooked by most players. Dan told me as I got to this zone that "there was a guy who gives quests in that tornado". When I got there, Mal was chillin there, saving the world. But the importance of the guy had been lost on him. Almost no other game would let a main character like this go so unnoticed. But maybe that's cause there's simply so much content that its a present to the people who do understand it.

Riding to destroy the gunships. This was a pretty fun mission. The Worgen start out by themselves. A level 1 character is plopped down in the midst of some sort of strange "virus" that's infecting the populus. Very zombie like feel. But as you play the story, the Horde start to invade and you have to fight them off. It's pretty cool, because you actually feel like important things are happening and that you have a hand in them. The Gilneas fight off the Horde for a while until the Alliance comes and saves them. The story is unraveling before you and its a lot of fun. If you pay attention.

Haha this was a fun little quest. So many rats running all over the place. Got a few good luls out of scaring lots and lots of them around. 

The Horde of rats advance through the hall way. There were so many!
And a pack of wild dogs attack! they successfully took over and ran the Wendys.....I again lol'd at this. I like that the quests in WoW are doing this. Lots of the new quests give you an item to use in order to defeat some objective. Then a lot of the time, the objects do funny things. It shows that Blizzard at least put some thought into the quests they're making. They're not all "kill 10 foxes". In fact, I'd say that it's about only half of the quests are simply, "grind this". I dig it. 

Aksaril completed Vash'jir. It was probably my favorite zone (I suppose "series of zones" is more apt) ever. There was a real sense of accomplishment. The player starts out in the hull of a sunken, overturned ship and there is only 1 NPC. The first couple quests involve going and rescuing drowning victims. These NPCs then show up in the sunken ship and you can interact with them. A few of them become vendors, innkeepers and repair men. It's very useful. Then, you end up having to abandon the ship and you and the team make your way to underwater cove. There the NPCs take up residence and your quest hub changes. This occurs, going from underwater cavern, to underwater cavern all the way down the continent. Eventually, a mission sends you through a tunnel to one of the other zones in the sub continent. Quests send the player into the sunken city of Vash'jir a couple times. A disconnect happened to me here. I was suppose to be going into the city to "thin their ranks". I killed 10 Naga and returned. The problem is, is that because WoW is an MMO, those creatures had to respawn. They had to. So what was the point of doing that? Nothing. 

Here is one of the better cut scenes from part of the ending of the zone. The queen has subdued the water god and is now flying into his domain. It was a pretty cool series of events. 

The water god fights for his life.

I think this quest is reference to a video of a bear falling out of a tree onto a trampoline. This is another example of Blizzard having some pretty interesting and different quests. I lol'd heartily at the bear flying out of the tree onto the trampoline.

How did I get so high up? Oh right, I launched myself.....

Lol the irony. Killing animals to save animals....

One of the prettier sights of Vash'jir. Bottom of the Abyssal Depths. It's a long way down.

Free Willy!

Cut scene

I got to lead a series of soldiers. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So I started a Worgen.Harreig.

Last night. He is currently Level 17.

The revamped quests are so fun. They give so much exp and are no longer boring. Drops rates have gotten better and the quests are grouped up that it makes sense where you're suppose to go. You don't get into a situation where you have 3 quests and they are all at different parts of the zone.

Also, I think I really hate the orc starting zones. They blow.

Expect lots of pictures soon. When I remember to upload them to picassa so I can post at work.

Friday, December 10, 2010

More Fun Missions

Bombing missions are fun

I became a naga. Neat!

Favorite Continent

The Bottom of the World

That's a big shellfish

Ancient ruins are pretty sweet. I'm off to explore them now.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Uldum looks pretty sweet
They flooded Thousand Needles
Riding a Shark into battle 
The Vast Expanse

Best invention in quest giving


Replaced by greens

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Old Gods are Dead

And it is us that killed them

Or maybe it was Deathwing. There have seemed to have been lots of changes....

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My name is Mordenial.

I like BC content. PST for more info.