Friday, October 24, 2008

Zombie Attack!

This is probably old news to everyone, but an in-game event started two days ago. Zombies invaded the world of Azeroth. Suspicious crates showed up in Booty Bay and if one were to loot them, they would get a de-buff that, if not cured by someone in 10 minutes, you die and become a zombie. As a zombie, you get special zombie powers. One is where you explode and it does an AoE spell and everyone around you gets the debuff.This might sound really cool, but I don't really like it. I don't want to be having to fight off zombies as I try and run around and do quests. It's not really hard for Akoris to dodge them, as he has a flying mount and all, but someone like Mordenial, its not going to happen. He'll just die.

So, Akoris finally got off his ass and finished Magister's Terrace. How come whenever I go in there, it turns into such a disater? People leave, its too hard, blah balh blah. We had the tank and a DPS leave when we got to Kael'Thas. I was able to round up two guildies, Eldwor and Volan, to come help me out.

I really love this guild. We were a serious raiding guild, but everyone is friends here. There really isn't any drama. And I can almost always recruit people to go and do random shit with me. We had 4 or 5 people come with me on a PuG Magtheridon run. I lead that fucking run. No one there knew the fight very well and so I ran it. I had been there once before, ironically on a pug, and so I sorta knew the fight and therefore, I was the one explaining what was going to happen, fielding questions and calling out for the clickers to click. After we got everything sorted out, the run went well. I forgot that if the ceiling collapses, it doesn't reset the box timers, so on a run, the ceiling collapsed, not a lot of people died, but we were all scattered so much that we couldn't click the boxes in time and there was a wipe. But, in the next attempt, we minded the timers, and it so happened, we got him through 32% with like 45 seconds left, so we DPSd through it. Fun was had. I almost got a 20 slot bag. I rolled a 99/100 on it and I convinced that I had it. Nope. It was ninjad by a 100/100 roll. Complete and utter bull shit. I was so angry.

I went into Zul Aman two days ago. I really enjoyed it. Our group was way OP and so we raced through all the bosses and killed everything very efficiently. I healed the most, as usual. We got stopped by the Hex Lord, which bummed me out a little. I wanted a full clear on my first time through. But, I'll put a group together again and really fuck the shit out of that place. Lols and ggs will be had.

So, I have been telling my self that I should level Mordenial. But, I can't get myself to do it. I need to get his herbalism up to a level that matches the zone. Dustwallow Marsh is a high level zone, so I need to run around and pick a shit load of herbs to get it up to that high. Doing that is a major buzz kill, but I'm sure that I will regret not having done it. Going back as a 70 to all these low level zones will be even worse. Wow. I started off this post not knowing what to say.

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