Monday, April 12, 2010

5k GS

I finally hit 5000 Gear Score. Crazy right? All that time and work. Finally got up to that upper tier of Raiding. I can finally hit up ICC10, if I could get a group that is. I was in Azjul-Nerub today and I wanted to go for the achievement but they said "oh we're not geared enough to do that". This kinda pissed me off a little. Achievements are suppose to be hard, right? That's why they're called achievements. The game has dissolved into trying to overgear every encounter to the point of rediculousness. Every trade chat advertisement says, "PST with achievement" for ICC. Well, if everyone did that, no one would ever get in. People should let some people in. Or maybe that's just the PUGs that need to have the achievements. Maybe the encounters are just that hard. I always did underestimate how hard the raids actually were. What can I say?

I made something. O.o

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