Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No Kills

I just want to write up the story of this BG before I forget. Typical BfG, and my whole team goes WW. I am a feral cat, so I decided to try and go for the LH, since its easy to Ninja, since there's usually no one there. I watched this warrior cap it and then stand there. So I was in cloak, so I went to the place where his back was turned and then started capping. He didn't notice until I had capped it. At which point, i started fighting him. When I realized he would beat me, I flipped on entangling roots, waited until he hit me, then I put some stacks of lifebloom on me. I ran around and then another enemy joined the battle. I switched to bear mode. I love bear mode, because I have so many "oh shit" buttons, including one that lets me gain health for rage. As a bear, I am basically perfectly equipped for holding points. I can melee multiple people with swipe, then if I'm really in a pinch, I can flip berserk and melee multiple people with no cooldown with mangle. Then, if I'm dying I can flip Barkskin and Survival Instincts for less damage, and Frenzied Regeneration for health. So basically, in this game, I ninja'ed a point, held in by myself (until help showed up, which to their credit, this whole role/plan wouldn't work without them actually being able to take out the other team. I also think there was a healer healing me, so that helped a lot) and I did really well. But funnily enough, as you can see, I didn't score any killing blows. But I got the highest honor on the team.

I mean you could see it if my computer could screen shot. God damn it. Well, I had 0 killing blows, but the most honorable kills, 1 assault and the most honor.

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