Friday, February 19, 2010


So, I've decided to do some new stuff with my guy. First, I've respeced to holy. I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to keep it. I want shadow for quests, holy for healing. I could respec every half level. I could respec hybrid. Or dual spec. But I don't have the money. You know, I could farm some mats. You know, I may just do that. Why have I not thought of that before? I can farm Mithril Ore. Or Thorium. I'll look up what's more valuable. But I can grind that, until I get at least 1400g. Then, I can get dual spec and swap back and forth between pure holy and pure shadow. Then I should be able to just blast through quests for half of my level, then swap to holy and instance for the other half. Yes. And it will be a good investment for later in the game, when I want to easily swap between dailies and group healing. Yes yes yes. Good idea.

I wonder how long it will take me to level Akcowl. I started this guy only in December. And my leveling really never slowed down. I just leveled over and over and over. It stopped mattering because I always had stuff to do and not enough "level time" to do it in. So, for the warrior, how long will it take me to level him. Oh man, another great idea. I should start him, quest him all the way to blood hoof village, then park him in the inn. So when I'm done with Aksaril, I'll have a lot of rest. Or I can just play him as long as I have rest. So I won't have much time on him, but it will be important time. I'll have to run out and farm mats for cooking. I think that's the one prof I'll have on him. I also want alchemy and inscription on him. Enchanting is just too expensive. I'll get the buffs and be able to tank well.

Do I have gear issues? Will I be able to get good enough gear to tank? I guess I'll be able to just buy some from the AH. I love the AH. makes getting decent gear easy. Questing is boring, but it helps so much. What does questing give you? Items, money, experience and reputation. You can get around all of that. Items via the auction house and dungeoning. Money via farming, grinding, dungeoning. EXP via grinding, dungeoning and PvPing. Reputation via some quest turn ins. But not all reps. The problem is, questing is so efficient in this matter. You have to take almost drastic and inefficient measures to fill the void that not questing leaves.

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