Friday, February 12, 2010

Level 60

This morning I hit level 60. From a daily Valentine's day quest. Now this puts me in quite a quandary. Remember the days when level 60 was a big deal. It took many more hours of play time then I have put in. I skipped so many zones on my way to 58. Lol, I hit 58 yesterday and got to 60 this morning. Leveling is so easy. I skipped Ferals, WPL, EPL, Winterspring, Searing Gorge, Blasted Lands, Burning Steppes, Silithus, Azshara. None of those. I don't have close to all the exploration achievements. At all. I feel like I've missed so much. This leads me into my next problem. I've skipped so much content and should I feel bad about it? I was in Mara, BRD, DM and LBRS way more than I was on Akoris. Akoris saw almost every zone before Outland. But I don't want to do all those quests. I may get bored and run back and do them all, but why? Shit sounds boring.

Now my question is this: do I respec to holy so that I can more effectively heal dungeons? I heal them pretty well now, but my mana isn't as good as it could be. I would be more efficient with it. But if I respec, I feel as though quests will be too hard for me to do, so I'd just go through dungeons. Miss all those quests. Do I want to do that? In fact, I almost sorta do. I can get to 80 quickly. Then, I can make my warrior. Tank dungeons forevers. I want to do that actually. I want to go through the whole old world without actually questing. Sit in cities and random dungeon queue the whole time. Oh man. I kinda want to start this now. He could be an alchemist and enchanter. Ahahaha fantastic. This game is too easy to play now almost. What's his name? Akcowl. YES. So, I think I have to be level 15 to queue for the random dungeon queue. So, level to 15, then go to TB and just sit. How will I make money? Play the AH? or just not? Can I do that? Aksaril is rapidly becoming less and less self sufficient and Akcowl could just be a total money sink. But on purpose. How much money can I make from tanking randoms all the way? I get like 1g then like 85s for every one I do. I may be able to just pay for gear and repairs.

Now I run into the problem of who to play. Do I make Akcowl and level him now? Or do I get Aksaril up to 80 so that I can heal raids? I'm almost inclined to that do. Respec to holy, heal dungeons till I hit 80, heal heorics till I'm geared for ICC then level Akcowl while not raiding. And if I get bored, I can back to Aksaril and "fill out" his achievements. Am I sad I'll miss all of Northrend? No, I'm not. Questing is boring. Why do I have to? Money? Gear? My gear all becomes irrelevant at 80 when I need to replace everything for raids, so who cares? I can daily for money or farm. And like I said, if I get bored, I can just go back to starting level zones and use low level quest tracker and do those quests. Get some money and rep. If I want. I probably won't want to.

Let's see, Paladin or Warrior? I'm leaning towards warrior. I've had a paladin. I have one. If I want him again, I can just transfer him. I want something different. I've almost thought that playing a good warrior requires skill and finesse and that is something I want to learn. Plus, I've ne'er really had a good warrior and I'd like to learn how to play one. So that I can help other warriors. Or at least know what to expect from them when they're in my group.

What classes have I not played? What Classes are there?
Warrior-I had a level 20 something way back in the day. I want to start another one.
Rouge- played and didn't like. I probably just didn't get it. I remember them as slow and weak. and not as strong as they present themselves when the gank the shit out of me.
Mage- I have a whole blog about how they are not resilient enough for me. They have some phat DPS and I could probably get away with random dungeon queuing one.
Warlock- level 23 on Kul Tiras. Meh. they're fun. but not fun enough to motivate me to try.
Priest- Aksaril. Loving
Paladin- Akoris. Loved.
Shaman- Never done it. Interested though
Death Knight-No. hate them all. everyone who plays one is a wanker.
Druid- have 43. like em, but idk. almost worth transferring Mordenial AKA Tike because he's so old I should just keep him going.
Hunter- na, not now. Pet mechanic is too much

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